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Applications and limitations of energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) in the SEM – optimizing quantitative analysis and mapping

Organic and polymer synthesis of different compounds for industrial application

Beryllium use in nuclear reactors - why is it still an interesting research topic?

Multi-scale Computer Simulations of Materials

Nuclear Excitation by Electron Capture in Resonant Transfer Process

Microstructure, Mechanical Properties and Superelasticity in Ti-Nb Alloys Manufactured by Powder Metallurgy

A New Spectral Energy Distribution Model of Dust Emission Consistent with Chemical Evolution

Safety classification of components and systems inside a research reactor – a process compliant with IAEA requirements and Polish regulations

Cosmology based on the radio galaxies from LOFAR LoTSS DR2 and CMB maps from Planck

VTT ProperScan – Material performance optimization for industry