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Fakty i wyzwania dotyczące produkcji energii z punktu widzenia wpływu na środowisko

Estimating detector systematics at T2K's far detector: A neutrino oscillation adventure

Statistical Analysis of NPP transients: LBLOCA in a PWR; Parametric, non-parametric methods and EBEPU

Gravitational wave lensing in General Relativity and beyond

Multi-Wavelength Diagnostics of Cosmic Dust: From Galactic Dust Clouds to Young Active Galaxies

Integral effects testing of the beyond design basis accidents in VHTR

Studying CPT with Neutral Mesons - Standard Model Extension Approach (SME)

Heavy H isotopes: theory ad experiments

Molecular Dynamics simulations of stress propagation and dislocations in crystals: example of Fe-Ni-Cr steel.

In search of precision in QCD at high energy physics: beyond eikonal order