Electronics for large experimental facilities

Zespół reali­zuje zada­nia w trzech pro­jek­tach.

1. X-FEL


This one includes mainly assembly works and quality control of modules with PLC terminals for controlling experimental lines SASE2, SASE2 and SASE3.

This is a commercial order, which is a Polish in-kind contribution to the X-FEL project completed in 2017. X-FEL GMBH expresses interest in the next contract in 2020 for the supply of 50 modules and providing technical support.

2. PolFEL


The Polish Free Electron Laser is the NCBJ large facility investment, planned for 2018-2022, with a budget of 118 million PLN.

The areas in which the team is involved are:

  • HF field control (LLRF)
  • Electronics for beam diagnostics
  • Electronics system safety:
  • Personnel security
  • Infrastructure safety
  • Radiation safety (active systems)
  • Computer control and diagnostics system
  • IT support

3. ESS – European Spallation Source

The team is currently carrying out the task of providing 80 LLRF systems for the M-Beta (36) and H-Beta (44) sections and selected auxiliary devices as part of the Polish in-kind contribution for the ESS.

The contract is implemented in the PEG (Polish Electronic Group) consortium:

  • NCBJ (consortium leader)
  • Warsaw University of Technology
  • Technical University of Lodz

The list of team members is available only on the NCBJ internal network

Persons interested in cooperation (in any form) please contact dr eng.  Jaro­sła­w Sze­wiń­ski.