Neutron Activation Analysis team

The team Was created during the AiD project, and Was buisy constructing the SWAN neutron analyzer. After the end of the project the effort Was directed to the implementation and commercialization of project results, in particular the industrial applications of Neutron Activation Analysis techniques. We are currently adapting nuclear physics measuring techniques to the harsh conditions typical for deep boreholes. Cooperation with KGHM „Polska Miedź” S A. in the field of the analysis of the isotope composition of copper ore is also continued.


  • Grzegorz Bołtruczyk
  • Andrzej Brosławski
  • Szymon Burakowski
  • Łukasz Kaźmierczak (team leader)
  • Tomasz Krakowski
  • Kamil Niechcielski
  • Ivan Slipukhin
  • Krystian Trela
  • Arkadiusz Urban
  • Kacper Zezuliński