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Development of Ionizing Radiation-Based Technologies in NCBJ Świerk

4 LABy - Rozwój technologii wykorzystujących promieniowanie jonizujące
Project financial means will be used to create in Świerk a world-class centre to conduct high-quality research, outcomes of which will be applicable in science, industry, and medicine. The initiative is going not only to increase potential of NCBJ Research Centre, but will also streamline transfer of innovations by improving the coupling between the Polish science and economy. ----

Accelerators & Detectors (AiD)

Development of dedicated systems based on particle accelerators and detectors of ionizing radiation targeted at medical therapy and detection of hazardous materials and toxic wastes. Project objective is to improve innovativeness and competitive edge of the Polish R&D sectors involved in manufacture of such systems. ----

IT Technologies for Astrophysics Observations in Wide Energy Range

Polsko-Szwajcarski Program Badawczy 2009-2017
Development of a computer centre providing software and technical support dedicated to gather/distribute/analyse astrophysics experimental data. The centre will be based on several astronomy-related projects run in NCBJ (POLAR, INTEGRAL, Pi of the Sky, JEM-EUSO). ----


Objective of the "Biologically Weighted Quantities in Radiotherapy" (JRP SIB06 BioQuaRT) project accomplished within the European Metrology Research Programme (EURAMET) framework is to develop measurement/simulation techniques capable to determine physical aspects of interaction of ionizing particles with matter along their paths and to investigate correlations between those aspects and biologiczal effects of the ionization at the living cell level. The project is concentrated on distances between 2 nm (DNA helix diameter) and 10 μm (cell nuclei size). ----

"School with the Future"

The "School with the future" project main objective is to work out propositions to modernize curriculum of vocational education system in Poland to pave the way to educate Hi-Tech staff for needs of the future nuclear industry in the country. ----