Electronics and Detection Systems Division (TJ4)

Contact Data

05-400 Otwock, Świerk
phone +48 22 27 31 603

Division Head

Dr Michał Gierlik 
e-mail: michal.gierlik@ncbj.gov.pl


Development of unique/prototype electronic devices/systems:

  • for of experimental research
  • for various applications.


Team of experienced programmers supports our Electronics Engineers in all software aspects of the undertaken tasks, starting from programming individual ICs all the way to development of Graphical User Interfaces for sophisticated systems.

We conduct research & development in various nuclear-related field, including (i) ionising radiation detection techniques; (ii) nuclear measurement instruments & systems; (iii) apparatus for experimental physics; (iv) border checkpoint scanners; (v) nuclear medicine. We tightly cooperate with NCBJ Radiation Detectors Division.

We invite all parties interested in an original/individual approach to finding a solution to their problem with electronics circuitry and/or software to get in touch.