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Arrangements in Tokyo - the next stage of Japanese-Polish cooperation in the field of high-temperature reactor technology

Krzysztof Kurek i Koguchi Masanori po podpisaniu porozumienia NCBJ-JAEA
On November 22, in Tokyo, the President of the Japanese Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA), Mr. Koguchi Masanori and the Director of the National Centre for Nuclear Research (NCBJ, Poland), prof. Krzysztof Kurek signed an Implementing Arrangement regarding the institution's cooperation in research and development in the field of high-temperature gas-cooled reactors technology. ----

Progress and future of the neutrino research program at the LHC

Instalacja detektora eksperymentu FASER w tunelu LHC. Źródło: CERN
The program of the current LHC cycle will include measurements of high-energy neutrinos, research into the nature of the interactions that bind atomic nuclei together, and the search for traces of so-called new physics. On November 15–16, the 5th international meeting tentatively summarized the operation of the new FASER and SND@LHC detectors and discussed plans for new facilities. ----

"Tailor-made” microspheres as a chance to save the liver more effectively

Mikrosfery Y2O3 przygotowane metodą sol-gel umieszczono w kwarcowej kapilarze. Pokazano pojedynczą mikrosferę Y2O3 przygotowaną metodą sol-gel, powiększenie 150x.
In a few years, yttrium oxide gel microspheres manufactured by the National Center for Nuclear Research may be among the agents used to fight liver cancer. The results of the latest research on the impact of new microspheres on biological material appear to be promising. If further tests confirm them, in the future microspheres can be produced quickly and cheaply, precisely matching their characteristics to the needs of a particular patient. ----

The mission of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is helping to improve the operation of the MARIA reactor

Misja Międzynarodowej Agencji Energii Atomowej OMARR
On October 10–14, 2022, an international group of IAEA specialists under the OMARR (Operation and Maintenance Assessment for Research Reactors) mission carried out a review aimed at increasing the efficiency of the MARIA reactor operation and maintenance program. ----

40th anniversary of the National Atomic Energy Agency

Medal 40 lat PAA
On October 17, a ceremony Was held on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the National Atomic Energy Agency. NCBJ Director sent a congratulatory letter to the National Atomic Energy Agency President on the occasion of the anniversary. During the ceremony, our institute was awarded a commemorative medal, and Professor Krzysztof Kurek received the badge of honor „Meritorious for Energy” from the Minister Anna Moskwa. ----